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Frequently asked questions

We've compiled all the most commonly asked questions about StaffApp MD to help you get the most out of our platform.

What is StaffApp MD?

StaffApp MD is a comprehensive communication platform designed specifically for medical practices and healthcare teams. It offers instant messaging, shared library for information management, tasks & checklists, and streamlined referral management through Referral Connect.

How does StaffApp MD save staff time?

StaffApp MD enables real-time communication among team members, reducing the need for physical presence, leading to faster decision-making and smoother workflows. The platform's task and checklist features help delegate and manage responsibilities efficiently.

How can I access a trial of StaffApp MD?

You can access a free trial of StaffApp MD by signing up on our website. Experience the benefits of improved team communication and streamlined operations during the trial period.

Can I use StaffApp MD for my solo practice?

Yes, StaffApp MD is ideal for solo practices as well as group practices. It caters to various medical settings, providing effective communication solutions for every scenario.

How does billing work for StaffApp MD?

StaffApp MD offers flexible billing options, including monthly and annual plans, with the added benefit of customization to meet the specific needs and budget of your medical practice. You can choose the plan that aligns perfectly with your requirements, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective communication solution for your team.

What types of support do you offer for StaffApp MD?

We provide dedicated customer support to assist with any inquiries or technical issues. Our team is ready to help you make the most of the platform and ensure a smooth experience.

How does Referral Connect simplify the referral process?

Referral Connect streamlines the referral process by enabling direct and secure communication between healthcare providers. It facilitates seamless patient transfers, enhances professional networking, and ultimately improves patient care.

What kind of resources are available in the digital information library?

Our digital information library offers a wide range of medical practice resources, including templates, policies, checklists, training materials, and more. These resources are tailored to support medical practices and healthcare teams.

Is StaffApp md HIPAA compliant?

Yes, StaffApp MD is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring that all communication and data transmission within the platform adhere to the highest security standards, safeguarding patient information and maintaining confidentiality.

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