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Medical Practice Communication Made Easy

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Physician Practice Benefits

Simplifying the referral process improves both primary and specialty care


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Increased Efficiency

Staff-to-Staff Direct messaging can save time by streamlining important internal communication. Assignments, help requests, questions, answers, and daily task support can all be quickly communicated.  Don't waste time walking down the hall, leaving the exam room, or waiting for a staff meeting to communicate.

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Increased Clarity

Sending messages directly or in group chats can improve communication by providing documented clarity.  Don't let staff use the excuse: "My manager never said that".

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A Culture of Support

Direct chat provides another way for teams to build a culture of cooperation. Having real time access to managers, leaders, colleagues grows trust among the team as real solutions and feedback are provided. Connect your team across roles and locations.


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Access to Resources

Provide your employees with quick access to the information they use daily.  Share notes with quick links, company information, logins & passwords, instructions, training, policies, and documents in a single organized location.

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Boost Productivity

Cut down the lost time your staff spends searching for files, documents, and information.  An organized team library will also reduce needless emails, messaging, and meetings.

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Streamline employee onboarding

Don't overwhelm new staff with nineteen different logins. Improve the training and onboarding process by providing a place for documents, notes, policies, and information all in a single location.

Explore Our Key Features

Discover how StaffApp platform revolutionizes healthcare delivery and Enhances patient care

Instant Messaging Software

Staff-to-Staff Chat
StaffApp MD offers a HIPAA compliant web-based instant messaging software for medical practices and healthcare teams. With this feature, medical staff can communicate efficiently and securely.

This messaging software includes in-office instant messaging for medical practices and healthcare teams, where staff can send messages to individuals, custom groups, or the entire team, and pop-up and sound notifications prompt quick response time.

Additionally, this software provides practice-to-practice and network instant messaging for secure messaging among referral networks, physicians, other practices, IPA's, ACO's, other healthcare organizations, outsourced billing departments, IT support, and more.

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Digital Information Library

Our Digital Library includes a private library, that can be customized by each user, and a shared team library, that can be accessed across the entire team.

The Library features provide a secure space to store documents, notes, policies, forms, and training materials.

Keep all your information in one secure location and make it easier to find documents, notes, quick access links, and other daily medical practice information.

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Create Notes & Documents

This feature in the shared library allows you and your team to create notes or policies for training, reminders, process documentation, protocols, SOPs - standard operating procedures, scripts, and more.

Don't leave your service to chance.  Capture and centralize knowledge in a place where everything can be easily referenced and watch your team thrive.

Improve communication, delegation, and workplace compliance.

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Secure Patient Forms

Custom forms can be a valuable tool for medical practices, streamlining patient intake and improving the quality of care. With the StaffApp MD's form creation feature, medical practices can easily create custom forms that are HIPAA compliant and secure.

One benefit of custom forms is that they can be tailored to the specific needs of your practice. Forms can be created for a variety of purposes, including patient intake, consent forms, patient surveys, and more. Custom forms allow medical practices to gather more detailed and accurate information from patients, improving the quality of care and ensuring that patient data is secure and protected.

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Save physicians and medical practice staff time with a simplified team communication & collaboration.

Direct message individuals, groups, and collaborate with a shared library.

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Let's connect your team!

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