Instant Messaging Benefits for Medical Practices during Covid 19 Corona Virus

Discover how instant messaging software can help your medical practice team stay safe, communicate efficiently, and provide quick support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can Instant Messaging Software help your medical practice team during Covid 19?

Instant Messaging has benefits for your practice especially during Covid19.Medical Practices have been impacted by Covid19 not only by potential patients and their concerns, but also by staff fears, doubts, and even unemployment incentives encouraging these behaviors.

1. Create a Safe Environment for your medical practice team

As the practice manager or owner you have been dealt a very difficult challenge…how to provide the care for patients needs and business viability AND how to keep your patients and staff safe. Most practices have adjusted their patient schedules, added telehealth, and provided guidelines for patient visits. But have you considered how to limit your teams exposure to each other?

Team safety considerations:

  • Team models
  • Separate shifts
  • Improve communication with instant messaging

3. Follow CDC Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given some guidelines for employers (Medical Practice Owners & Managers). The link to their resources can be found here.

3. Network with other Medical Practices

You can also network with other medical practices to determine what the standard of care is and what others are doing. The following private facebook group is a helpful group of over 700 Medical Practice Owners, Medical Practice Managers, Medical Practice Office Managers, Medical Practice Administrators who post daily tips, ideas, and questions.MEDPM Facebook Group: Request Access Here

4. Communicate Easily and Efficiently with Staff-to-Staff Instant Messaging

In order to continue operations efficiently amidst the symptom checking, temperature readings, and changes in process that have been forced upon us we need to have tools that will help us communicate efficiently. Staff-to-Staff Instant Messaging is one tool. It allows teams to continue their day to day operations and still communicate, without physically approaching within 6 feet of their co-workers.

Imagine all the questions a front desk receptionist has for the on-site or off-site medical biller. What about the daily questions your team has for you? Can physicians get help easily when they need it quickly?

These are some of the questions that have led teams to realize that instant messaging has many benefits for medical practices especially during covid19.

Benefits of Staff-to-Staff Instant Messaging

There are many benefits for medical practices for staff to staff instant messaging, especially during these challenging times. Some of the benefits in allowing staff to instantly chat with one another through a HIPAA compliant secure messaging tool include:

  • Less exposure to each other
  • Faster than verbal communication reducing staff ‘travel’ time
  • Provides a way for quick team feedback and quick support
  • Individuals and Groups can communicate
  • Team Huddles can still occur virtually

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